The best programming languages ​​of 2022 and their revenue

Digital products, such as websites and applications, are heavily dependent on coding; Therefore, having expertise and skills in the best programming languages will help to further develop and develop these products. On the other hand, one of the questions and concerns of beginners and unfamiliar with the field of coding is which language should they choose to learn? The most important factors in choosing a programming language are a stable income and having a permanent job; Because with the development of languages ​​and the introduction of new types of them in the technology market, the old coding languages ​​will no longer be used.

Therefore, choosing one of the best programming languages ​​can greatly reduce future worries and provide you with a decent income or job position. In this article, we want to look at a number of programming languages. If you want to know what programming is and what are the best programming languages ​​to start your training in this field soon, stay tuned  until the end of this article .

The best programming languages ​​to get started in 2022

In this section, we will introduce you to a list of the most popular programming languages ​​and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. These tips will help you choose the language more consciously and start the learning process.

Python or Python

The language was first officially released in 1991 and was developed by Khido van Rason.

Advantages of Python Programming Language:

  • Support for different systems and platforms
  • Based on object-oriented coding
  • Help improve programmer performance
  • Compare the most complex applications
  • Equipped with the most comprehensive support libraries
  • Easy to learn

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Disadvantages of Python programming language:

  • Unsuitable for mobile computing
  • The basic access layer of the Python database

Use and revenue of Python programming language:

  • Development of Internet and digital products such as the web
  • Graphic user interface design in app and desktop
  • Can be used in special cases such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The average annual income in the United States is 114 thousand dollars 

Java or JAVA

Java is one of the best programming languages (The Best Programming Languages) , first invented in 1996 by James Gosling at Microsystems.

Advantages of Java Programming Language:

  • Based on object-oriented programming
  • Provide various APIs for database communication, networking, XML parsing, and more
  • Open source for faster development
  • Has a large number of open source libraries for further development
  • Easy and simple learning

Disadvantages of the Java programming language:

  • Expensive memory management
  • Lack of access to various formats that limit the structure and quality of this language.

Application and revenue of Java programming language:

  • The best program for coding and development of web, big data, Android and web applications
  • The average annual income in the United States is 101 thousand dollars

This programming language was designed and developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka. The project started in 1992 , but the first version was released in 1995 . In 2000 , a beta and stable version of this language was released.

Advantages of R programming language:

  • Suitable for statistical analysis
  • Easy and convenient to code
  • Open source software that can be modified or developed
  • Suitable for Microsoft, Windows, Linux and GNU
  • Runs continuously on various platforms

Disadvantages of R programming language:

  • Low quality of some packages and packages of this software
  • Lack of proper memory management and the possibility of occupying the entire memory
  • Hard to learn

Usage and income of R programming language:

  • Data-driven and statistical studies, machine learning and various calculations
  • The average annual income in the United States is between 90 and 135 thousand dollars

JavaScript or JAVA Script

This language is one of the best programming languages ​​that was first published in Netscape Navigator version 2.0 and in 1995 . It was first known as Live Script and then as JavaScript.

Benefits of JavaScript programming language:

  • Easy to learn
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Speed ​​up the browser while running

Disadvantages of JavaScript programming language:

  • Multiple inheritance is not supported in this language.
  • There is no copy or parity method.
  • Different interpretations in different browsers

Usage and revenue of JavaScript programming language:

  • Mobile and web application development
  • Development of games and desktop apps
  • The average annual income in the United States is 110 thousand dollars 

C + C Plus C / C ++

C ++ was introduced as a standard language in 1998 and was able to meet the ISO standard. C / C ++ is a very practical and almost all-purpose language that expresses various concepts of object-oriented and polymorphic. Of course, all the software used in Windows is coded by the same C ++ language and the mother tongue of C +. The most common use of this language is in the aerospace, automotive, banking and game console industries.

Advantages of C / C ++ programming language


C ++ is one of the fastest programming languages, which, despite proper support, does not cause program delays.

Hardware compliance

It is faster than other programming languages ​​such as Python, and its peak performance can be seen when there is a close connection between software and hardware.

Disadvantages of C / C ++ programming language

Why not use C ++? Because:

  • It is one of the most difficult programming languages ​​for people to learn.
  • It takes a long time to learn this language.
  • Tips and content in multiple versions and updates should be learned quickly.

Application and revenue of C / C ++ programming language

This language is commonly used in most Windows software programs and is most commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, banking, and artificial intelligence, medicine, robotics, gaming, and operating systems industries. Modern industrial equipment is used.

According to statistics, web developers working with C ++ have a lot of job opportunities and earn an average of about $100,000 a year. 


PHP is one of the most well-known languages ​​in the field of web and is one of the object-oriented programming languages ​​that has many applications in web design. The language was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Mordor. PHP, which is an open source scripting language, is completely free and you do not need to pay any fees to use it.

PHP, on the other hand, processes information before displaying it to users in HTML and then displays the information in HTML format. PHP has been used on many major sites around the world, such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and even WordPress, because of its reputation and the other benefits we mention.


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Benefits of PHP Programming Language

PHP language has many advantages, some of the most important positive features of this language are mentioned. Including:

  • Simple learning
  • Easy maintenance
  • It has a wide range of applications in the field of web.
  • It is a multi-platform.
  • It has numerous documents and learning resources available.
  • Having a local server (virtual) can easily execute PHP code.
  • This language works exclusively with CMS.
  • It is compatible with most commonly used servers such as (is, Apache). 

Disadvantages of PHP programming language

  • PHP still uses older packages such as Global and Magic Quotes.
  • This language is not suitable for desktop applications.
  • PHP is slower to run than other programming languages.
  • When code is customized, PHP has more security errors than net languages.
  • PHP language is less secure than net.
  • PHP is not as centralized as other programming languages. The reason for this lack of focus is the development of this language over time by multiple programmers, which has made PHP more of a fragmented language.

Use and revenue of PHP programming language

PHP language has many applications due to its popularity, free and open source, including the following:

  • Build desktop software with PHP
  • Production of desktop software
  • Build WordPress templates and plugins
  • Online game production
  • Construction of social network monitoring systems
  • Build a telegram robot with PHP language
  • Creating a web service for various software and sites
  • And…

Regarding the income and labor market of PHP language in Iran, it should be said that because web design in Iran is done with Asp .NET technology on PHP, it has an ideal situation to date.

In other words, PHP is one of the most popular and well-employed programming languages ​​in the field of web, and web developers who have just started their activity should not have any worries about their future career in this language. To be.

It is good to know that almost 32% of the world's websites are based on WordPress website, and in Iran more than 70% of popular websites such as targeted web traffic and… are based on PHP language. Have been implemented. 

The most convenient language for site design

Before we can talk about the easiest language to design a site, we first need to know enough about all programming languages. As we introduced the different programming languages ​​above and explained the features of each, we also talked to some extent about whether they are difficult or easy.

In this regard, by examining the types of web programming languages ​​from different angles, it can be said that each of the existing languages ​​has certain advantages, disadvantages and features that can be quite useful in a programming project and Easy to use, but in contrast, the same language for another project is by no means efficient, convenient and appropriate.

In other words, choosing the easiest language for site design is not easy in the vast world of coding, and never forget that depending on your goals and the type of project, you should be able to identify and use the best programming language.

Here are some of the most important and effective components of choosing a comfortable programming language so that you can make easier decisions in your projects. The most important components of choosing a comfortable and hassle-free language for site design are:

  • Speed ​​of execution and security of a language
  • Performance rate
  • Technology used
  • Simplicity of use
  • Dependence on Platform
  • How to support
  • Development speed
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

the final conclusion

In this article, we talked about the best programming languages in 2022 . If you are interested in coding and digital product development, we suggest you start training in programming today. The first step is to choose one of the languages ​​introduced in this post. Also, it is better to consult with experts in this field to make a better choice.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and guided you in choosing the right programming language. What other programming languages ​​do you think can be invested in learning and what is the need to learn them? Give us your good feedback.